Tatiana Paulowna is an exclusive importer of Russian fashion brands located in the Netherlands. The owner, Tatiana de Neef, is passionate about getting refined and tasteful Russian brands to Europe. Tatiana Paulowna supplies boutiques and concept stores with the newest Russian collections in a passionate and professional way.

Tatiana Paulowna focuses on importing dresses and loves to dress women who are energetic, self-confident, sensual, intellectual and who love exclusiveness. Women who want to make statements in life, who leave long-lasting impressions, who appreciate art – those are our end clients. Women who want to be caring mothers, passionate lovers and successful business ladies – they will wear our brands. If these are your clients, then make them happier and introduce them to the Russian designers through Tatiana Paulowna.

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Passion for fashion

Since childhood, I have designed my own clothes and given style advice to friends. I obtained a degree in dermatology and really enjoyed the personal interaction and empathy with patients. I became a recognized sales talent with a large pharmaceutical organization but part of my heart always stayed with fashion.
I believe a really nice dress is effective as medicine. That is why I decided to follow my passion and import Russian clothing. Now I combine my passion for fashion with my commercial experience. At the same time, I can pursue the traditional bonds between Russia and te Benelux by collaborating with Russian fashion artists.

With love

The second part of the name TATIANA PAULOWNA refers to Anna Paulowna, Grand Duchess of Russia, wife of the king of the Netherlands and Grand Duchess of Luxemburg. Her father, like as mine, was named Paul or Pavel. And just like Anna Paulowna, I came to the Netherlands for love. In 2006 I left Russia behind to settle with the love of my life, in Holland.

Practical? Dresses!

When I observe the women today I see only a few of them wearing dresses. When I ask them about it, they often say they’d rather wear something easy. But what could be easier than a dress? You only need one piece of clothing for a complete look. The ultimate wardrobe contains dresses!

Dare to tell

You don’t wear clothes to just cover your body. Clothes are a way to communicate with others, to let them know who you are. That’s why diversity is really important to me. All women are unique and have different ways to express themselves. The fresh, refined and exclusive Russian brands I select give women more freedom to tell the world who they are.