The CHAPURIN house of fashion was established by Igor Chapurin in 1998. The brands history starts when it opened the first boutique on Myasnitskaya Street in downtown Moscow. Producing haute couture in the beginning, the brand promptly expanded into seasonal prêt-a-porter and multiple capsule collections, accessories and jewelry lines. For a number of seasons, the brand was presented as part of the official Paris fashion week schedule. Today, CHAPURIN continues to expand internationally and develop the distribution network in Russia.


Igor Chapurin holds two national awards from the Russian Association of Haute Couture, GQ magazine’s “MAN OF THE YEAR” award, Style HARPERS BAZAAR award, ELLE STYLE award and the WFC award. The designer cooperates with the drama and musical theater, and has created decoration and costumes for seven productions of the Bolshoi Theater. Igor Chapurin is a recognized fashion expert; he takes part in numerous seminars around Moscow and the surrounding regions.



The house of CHAPURIN releases seasonal prêt-a-porter collections of women clothes, made from the finest quality materials, which are selected from the largest exhibition “Premiere Vision Paris” event. All of the products are produced in factories based in Russia, which allows for quality control in all production stages of the garments with the CHAPURIN label.

Haute Couture

The house of CHAPURIN maintains the tradition of creating Haute Couture clothes, following the fundamentals of French couturier in Russia. The brand guarantees exclusiveness of the lines to costumers, who prefer unique clothes, embodying the highest designer craftsmanship.


The brand’s style is the mixture of recognizable design, flawless execution and carefully adjusted details. The creative style of Igor Chapurin is characterized by a graphically clear cut, a beautiful color palette and perfect proportions. Quality in idea and realization is the basic principle of clothing production under the CHAPURIN label. Leading fashion critic Suzy Menkes has repeatedly described the philosophy of the Russian brand as “smart fashion”.


Among the customers of CHAPURIN are celebrities from different spheres of public life and countries all over the world. The Russian designer’s clothing are worn by Cher, Madonna, Sheryl Cole, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, Darya Zhukova, Natalia Vodyanova, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Nysha, Valeria and many others.

The idea for the Great Lakes collection was born during Igor Chapurin’s trip to the Northeastern United States and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada. After arriving to the French-speaking metropolis of Montreal, the designer went on a trip to the rocky coast of Lake Huron, where he visited the Onondaga reservation, whose residents are known as the People of the Hills. The wild natural beauty of the five lakes and the unique mixture of cultures and traditions that inhabit this area, became an emotional base, on which the fall-winter collection by CHAPURIN was created.

The silhouette. In the images of the Great Lakes collection, the designer easily combines precise geometry of ideal proportions and oversized free-cut clothes that optically change the silhouette. The massive coats with cascade sleeves, asymmetrical leather jackets from the beginning of the millennia and the free sport-cut parkas harmoniously match with the fitted jackets, flying blouses and draped safari overalls.

The material. Although Igor Chapurin works primarily with natural fabrics – Indian silk, wool, Peruvian cotton and leather – the designer introduces in his autumn collection eco-materials that are made from recycled fabrics and uses advanced technologies for processing textile fibers. In the Great Lakes collection eco-leather, artificial fur and hybrid textures appear: cloth with neon dust, artificially rolled wool with synthetic threads.

The color. The palette of the brand collection is built on natural colours: shades of grey, emerald and beige, deep tints of red, dense black and terracotta, and variations of “dusty” burgundy, green and blue tones. The technological two, neon mint and pink, appear as a coloristic antagonist of the natural colors.

Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection